Band Goes To Trash Trump And Texas During Performance, Then Disaster Strikes (video)

Updated January 18, 2018

Although it has been nearly a year since Donald Trump took office as the president of the United States, many people who voted for Hillary Clinton still refuse to accept the fact that he is president. Late-night comedians continue to make fun of Trump – at the expense of their show’s ratings – and NFL players continue to drop to their knees while the national anthem is playing during the pregame ceremony.

But when performers of the Stanford University marching band thought they could inundate the crowd at the Valero Alamo Bowl in San Antonio with anti-Trump propaganda, they were in for a surprise.

After attempting to trash both Trump and the great state of Texas, the Stanford University performers were booed off the stage in a riotous display of patriotism.

While the band played their music, they took jabs at the border wall, queso dip, and a popular Texas fast-food chain called Whataburger.

KSAT-TV reported that the band’s performance was not taken lightly. The audience was outraged that the president was being made a laughing stock.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Stanford performance was named “Texas: Too Big to Fail?” And it targeted Trump for his use of “alternate facts” and bashed the state of Texas during the halftime show as the Stanford Cardinals played Texas Christian University in the bowl.

The announcer of the program said that the halftime show was “sponsored by The Onion and the White House Press Office.”

The Onion, which is a liberal satirical news source, tried to equate itself with the power of the President’s press staff, which infuriated members of the audience at the game.

“Texas has nothing unique about it. Everything is super normal here!” the leader of the Stanford band announced over the loudspeaker. These words were said while they played in the grand Alamo Dome.

“Yep,” a second announcer said. “For instance, we all know and love Waterburger – a fast food chain that apparently only serves water.

But the jokes did not stop there. While the Stanford people loved how the band was taking jab after jab at Texas and Trump, Texans were growing red with anger.

“And of course, there’s queso. The popular sports drink that Texans use as a refreshing alternative to Gatorade. Yum.”

The audience found the remarks about Texas’s popular burger chain and Trump’s border wall the most offensive. They responded with furious boos for the band. But when the Stanford band started making fun of the horned frog, which is the mascot of TCU, they began to grow even more agitated. Then the Stanford band ridiculed Christmas. That just went too far.

This is not the first time Stanford’s band has been booed off the stage. After performing these types of skits and liberal antics, the group was banned from many road games back in 2015. They apparently had problems with alcohol and hazing. And when the ban was lifted, the band appeared at the 2016 Rose Bowl. University of Iowa fans did not enjoy their sense of humor.

Check out the entire performance below to see how loudly Texas booed the band.